Carecard™ - patient experience and satisfaction


Carecard is a patient-driven healthcare experience scorecard app used to rate hospitals and clinics by using a Net Promoter Score to crisply demonstrate institutional care quality, helpfulness and satisfaction.

A clients as patients approach creates transparent quality and improves outcomes by assisting institutions and providers in making real-time improvements by using capturing quality of experience and care data. 

Carecard for iOS and Android can help deliver great healthcare with the best experience with the appropriate data and insight.       


The Alberta Patient Experience Project:

A citizen-lead project aimed to bring transparent patient experience into healthcare using a simple, accessible, validated scoring system, used by patients on their mobile devices. Using short surveys, results can be rolled-up by hospital, day, question - providing much insight into where healthcare is currently succeeding and failing. As citizens we can make what is great better and what is not, elicit change.