Being an athletic director or coach

Athletic directors and coaches have many responsibilities, most vital being of which is ensuring the safety and protection of athletes, inside and outside of the sport, while at school and throughout life. Peak performance is often equated with great facilities, funding and even great crowds, yet peak performance is only possible from a healthy and positive mind.

MyndPath™ provides athletic directors and coaches with in-depth knowledge of all student-athletes’ mental health status without compromising anonymity. MyndPath™ data is unparalleled, as is the analytical engine and automated communication platform which enables prevention, improved assistance, better resource allocation and a return to the highest potential with reduced likelihood of interference.


How can MyndPath help athletic directors or coaches?

Complement existing intervention programs with prevention, once a student-athlete goes too far and performance becomes a non-issue when it gets more serious. If high-end training facilities and state of the art medical equipment is essential for players to physically health, shouldn’t their mental health be just as important?

MyndPath™ provides you with the data and analytics to fully comprehend your athletes’ mental health status in real-time and continuously, in pre-season, during competition, and post-competition. It includes major events like exam periods, injuries, and others. Such knowledge will provide an understanding impossible without dew.

Athletic directors and coaches know the pressures that student-athletes face throughout the year, but have minimal sense of their true depth. MindPath™ is an investment in the mental health of all student-athletes, demonstrable proof, a strong recruitment and retention tool and evidence of investing in the person, not the tuition.


performance = potential – interference