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What is your company losing?

Companies measure success by revenue, costs and profitability. Revenue generation and costs are both impacted by productivity. The single largest internal impacts occur as a result of employee mental health. Absenteeism and presenteeism are mental health measures that correlate to productivity. Absenteeism is typically, and incorrectly, assumed to be the main reason behind productivity underperformance. While absenteeism reduces productivity, presenteeism costs corporations 10 times more.*

Corporate leadership within a corporation must recognize that employees will engage in presenteeism to avoid absence from the workplace, worry over under-performing or losing their job, or feel that illness admittance to associated stigmas or assumptions of mental health illness will damage their reputation. The bad news is that presenteeism materially masks the real impacts both to the top and bottom line. Fortunately something can be done.


How can MyndPath improve your company?

Create a culture
MyndPath™ connects leaders to employees without compromising anonymity or disrupting daily operations. It creates a business culture that does not punish nor discourage employees from self-managing mental health and related health issues.

Increase productivity & efficacy
Enlightened leaders know and understand that a healthy mind contributes far more towards peak performance than an unhealthy one. MyndPath™ enables employees to record, analyze and action their mental health conditions without exposure.

In turn, MyndPath™ aggregates employee mental health data anonymously for company purposes to get a pulse on the mental health organization-wide. This can provide safety valves (time away versus presenteeism), better allocate resources to support employees and increasing productivity.


Invest in a long-term solution
Mental health carries stigma, affecting both the top and bottom lines. MyndPath™ enables corporations to be on the front-end of mental health, increasing prevention versus reaction / intervention, yielding far better corporate financial performance. Additionally as a recruitment and retention tool, impressive ROI calculators allow corporations to leverage new competitive advantages.



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