Being an educator

Educators have many duties in ensuring their students are educated, safe and thriving yet are challenged in motivating students across a variety of spectrums to achieve success, with many obstacles to overcome. students from every walk of life face stressors that often manifest in mental health which affect academic performance instantly or across time.

MyndPath™ enables educators to have a pulse on the mental health of their student population, view the impacts of various mental health conditions This brings awareness, analysis and if necessary, action, so educators can curb through uncertainty with never-before-seen analytics into the presentations of their student population mental health. MyndPath™ is an engine intended to favour prevention over intervention, augment awareness and assistance, and improve scarce resource allocation.


How can MyndPath™ help educators?


Demonstrate to students, parents and the community that you are taking mental health prevention seriously, taking necessary measures in prevention to mitigate events and support improved academic performance and quality of life for all students.


MyndPath™ provides easily comprehendible and customizable analytics in order to understand the continuous status of student's mental health, in real-time. While allowing for the appropriate and efficient allocation of resources, anonymous contact of struggling students, pinpoint periods of high stress, and understand your student population like never before.


Schools often inherit mental health challenges that stem away from academics, yet profoundly affect them. While academic expertise and yeoman effort on the part of dedicated educators can support students to reach their highest potential academically, mental health initiatives are often under-funded (if at all), impossible to scale and intervention-oriented versus prevention. Healthy minds simply learn much better and are worth the small investment to support.



Performance = Potential – Interference