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Coming to Android Winter 2017

Coming to Android Winter 2017



Labcoat™ provides a digitally accessible portal for longitudinal patient data acquisition, analysis, visualization and monitoring for clinicians and patients in research, non-acute care, and post-acute care scenarios. Detected clinically relevant events in clinical trials and routine care can be acted on appropriately, decreasing patient morbidity and mortality with the potential to reduce the number of ER visits, readmissions and length of readmission by acting earlier.

Sophisticated access controls provide research and clinical dashboards which display data appropriate for each user and protects information that is privileged like names, health numbers, and other identifying information. Such dashboards enable dynamic data analytics, visualization and monitoring in one place, bypassing the tedious manual tasks of data collection, digitization, and analysis; enabling instant and continuous analytics via a dashboard in real-time. This represents a huge cost saving by reducing needs for trial monitors and faster, more reliable collection of data.


Harnessing Patient Power

Labcoat™ is also capable of empowering patients to improve their own health outcomes and reduce the uncertainty of what they can expect. By providing helpful reminders before a procedure the software is able to increase compliance and patients become more engaged in their care, prompting to remind about appointment specifics and important preparation required for many interventions (such as bowel routine, fasting, etc). After a procedure, the platform can prompt a user with which symptoms they may be experiencing at this point in their recovery, which of those are normal and which may need more attention; including who and how they should contact. At anytime patients can access the Q&A section to find answers to common questions relating to the procedure through recovery.

Overall, patients arrive at a procedure better informed, better prepared for recovery, more empowered to know what to expect and how to react.


Adaptive Clinical Deliverables

Meanwhile, clinicians have access to unprecedented power to evaluate pre and post intervention outcomes and make informed changes to treatment protocols which can reduce complications, shorten hospital stays, reduce ER visits and readmissions, reducing overall costs for the system; while improving patient engagement, outcomes and experience.


Two Cousins, Common Lineage

The Research and Clinical versions share many of the same core functions:

·      Easy Enrolment

·      Regulatory Compliance

·      Multilevel Access Control

·      Secure Storage

·      Secure Data Transmission

·      Secure Messaging

·      Convenient Reminders / Notifications

·      Analytics with Advanced Biostatistics

·      Digitally Integrated Solution

·      Real-time Data

·      iOS and Android Compatible

·      Elegant User Interface

·      Local Data Capture

·      Access to Sensor Data

·      Sophisticated Data Visualization

·      Adverse Event Monitoring

·      Quality of Life Monitoring

·      Mental Health Monitoring

·      Smart Analysis of Clinical Costs with ROI

·      Custom Event Monitoring


Labcoat - Research

Is used for data collection and analysis of interventions for post-acute care, or non-acute care settings where patients are at high risk of readmission or ER visits. Multiple studies have shown that longitudinal screening using digitally reported patient outcomes to monitor for adverse events, toxicity, quality of life, and mental health can significantly improve patient engagement, tolerance to treatment, adherence, and outcomes. The data can be used to trigger appropriate clinical events such as phone calls or visits allowing clinicians or other healthcare professionals to act earlier on complications, decreasing morbidity and mortality while also reducing the cost of intervention (fewer ER visits, fewer and shorter readmissions). Labcoat™ – Research provides a platform to deploy and validate these protocols which afterwards can be deployed at scale through Labcoat™ - Clinical.

The solution includes an app based on a user’s phone that leverages smartphone technologies to collect data from a patient, access sensor data, secure communications, secure local data storage while providing convenient access with helpful reminders when the patient needs to enter data. The platform is designed to be able to run both observational and experimental study designs, taking care of randomization and blinding. It also provides secure anonymous messaging between patient and research support staff. Where remuneration is part of the study, it can distribute funds electronically

All of the data is amalgamated to a central secure backend for collection and storage of patient data. The dashboard displays and visualizes trial enrolment, progress, and completion rates allowing one to view projected finish dates as well as current status of the study. The dashboard provides an analytical engine which automates many of the tasks involved in data analysis with advanced biostatistical capacity exceeding many analysts, without the overhead.

It is also possible to submit Investigator Initiated Trials to sponsors through our Trial Portal™. This service eliminates the need for multiple submission to multiple sponsors by utilizing a single application for a seamless experience from application to funding. Once approved, data collection can be deployed effortlessly using the Labcoat™ – Research which implements the trial design from your application.


Lab Coat - Clinical

The purpose of the clinical offering is to deploy, at scale, longitudinal patient monitoring in populations at high risk of readmission or ER visits. Procedures to monitor and intervene in these populations are validated on the Labcoat™ - Research by measuring improvements in patient outcomes and reductions in clinical resources. Easy integration into existing clinical workflows make it seamless to deploy. Labcoat™ - Clinical includes Titre™ - symptomatic and efficacy medication titration.

Both monitor patients, but one is on an investigation/experimental basis and the other is clinical deployment. (test vs production software)



It is self-evident that leveraging modern technologies designed to accelerate the collection, implementation and actionability of patient data will improve clinical outcomes, reduce administrative overhead and make for better healthcare.