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Labcoat™ is a digital health platform that provides easy, real-time collaboration between patients and their clinical providers.

Digital health is the integration of digital and biological data to improve health, healthcare, living, and society. Digital health empowers individuals to better track, manage, and improve their own and other’s health; live better, more productive lives, and improve society.

By harnessing patient power, Labcoat™ has the potential to reduce the number of ER visits, readmissions and length of readmission by acting earlier, in addition to giving patients agency to drive their own care and enable clinicians to support that. Personal and precision care.


Available December 2018

Available now


Clinicians can access Labcoat Director™ by clicking the link below!


Labcoat™ is a fully integrated platform combining:

Labcoat Director™ - rapid program, study and clinical trial creation

Labcoat Director™ - full participant management: consent, rules, roles, anonymity

Full cycle outcomes measurement: clinical, functional, quality of life and experience

Full cycle resource deployment - videos, maps, pamphlets, brochures...

SmartFollowUp™ with communications, alerts and participant-lead feedback

Fully automated app publishing and distribution (patent pending)

Analysis engine with dynamic dashboard

Integration with other datasets for deeper analysis, visualization and monitoring

Labcoat™ delivers:

Real-time and longitudinal post-acute care, chronic care, and multi-morbidly scenarios

Means to bring data into one place for machine learning and precision care pathway algorithms

Better implementation science with higher signal-to-noise ratio

Reduced clinical cycle times


Detected participant relevant events in clinical trials and routine care can be acted on appropriately, decreasing patient morbidity and mortality with the potential to reduce the number of ER visits, readmissions and length of readmission with greater proactivity.


Click Here for the Labcoat™ App Walkthrough - A Help Resource for Patients


Click Here for the Labcoat Director™ Walkthrough - A Help Resource for Clinicians and Researchers


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