MyndPath™ q/a


What is the MyndPath platform?

MyndPath™ is a personal health navigator providing real-time continuous tracking of mental health symptoms for those who want to score, measure and action their mental health. MyndPath™ is designed to offer users varying resources and skill-building activities to establish a path towards self-care. MyndPath™ is designed to help avoid crisis situations by empowering individuals with insights about their health over time and offer support and resources as needed. Additionally, MyndPath™ is not a crisis intervention tool, rather, it is a tool founded on prevention and positivity, where hope is aimed to drive individuals towards a healthier life.


Who is it for?

It is available for anyone who wants to track their mental health, right now we provide medically valid surveys for pain, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. The app and the data within it belong to the student. For schools serious about the metal health of their students, providing the app is a strong indicator of moving beyond silence and crisis-driven efforts.

How does it work for students?

MyndPath™ is available for both iOS in the App Store . MyndPath™ is able to leverage hardware and software to optimal effect while preserving the highly personal nature of mental health.


Data Use

Mental health data is collected using time-tested and medically-validated scoring instruments. Our policy supports and holds inviolable that health data collected through the platform belongs to and is completely controlled by the user, even when an institution pays for it. Users' data is never identifiable unless explicitly authorized.