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A digital mental wellness coach which combines our smartphone app with mental health organizations' content to create a diverse platform.

Designed as an integrated system of wellness combining both the electronic and face-to-face modes for mental wellness care to teach self-care and improve individuals' lives.

Aimed to create a shift towards impact assessment and measurement with big data capture to scale self-care and peer supported mental wellness solutions, and integrate them with clinical care in an economically sustainable manner.


MyndPath™ for Individuals



Taking a personalized approach, MyndPath™ aims to improve self-care and individuals' navigation of the complexities of the mental health system.

MyndPath™ suggests incremental lifestyle changes through activities, like daily questions, periodic mental health questionnaires, journaling exercises, and more, to improve mental wellness in a prevention-centered approach.

MyndPath™ collects valuable data which is displayed to individuals on the app through trends to enable users to avoid, work-through and monitor periods of difficulty.


MyndPath™ for Organizations

MyndPath™ Digital Dashboard (sample)    (click to expand)

MyndPath™ Digital Dashboard (sample)

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The MyndPath™ platform enables organizations to digitize their content, into activities, programs, courses, articles, informative videos, stories and quotes, thereby building actionable resources, tools, techniques and skill-building to individuals.

MyndPath™ collects valuable data from individuals using content within the MyndPath™ app which gives organizations within the mental health system insight to better stream and measure effectiveness of their digitized content.



The Role of Digital Mental Wellness

J. M., Burns, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (2015). NMHC Advice-on-Innovative-Technologiesin-eMental-Health. Briefing Paper for the National Mental Health Commission.    (click to expand)

J. M., Burns, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (2015). NMHC Advice-on-Innovative-Technologiesin-eMental-Health. Briefing Paper for the National Mental Health Commission.

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Different forms of digital mental wellness solutions have the potential to address needs across the full spectrum of individuals: self-care, moderate needs, and complex needs.

MyndPath™ supports both self-management and shared management models, increasing reach for community and clinical organizations and freeing up clinical resources for more complex needs by building capacity for self and community support.

The Meaning behind MyndPath™

To provide individuals with a never-before-seen tool to improve self-care for optimized mental wellness and to self-navigate a large and complex mental health system.

"MyndPath™" combines the words 'mind' and 'path' as individuals find their way through life, winding down their own path, and experiencing and managing their own unique challenges.

"Mind” is altered to 'My' which gives the individual more control, insight and agency over their life. MyndPath™ enables individuals to feel in control of their lives by providing skills and resources to make positive choices in improving their mental wellness.

Individuals can feel a sense of ownership over their information, suggestions and actions through their responses within the MyndPath™ app. Further ownership and agency can be felt through the app with features like 'My Team', 'My Activities', and 'My Suggestions".


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