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Labcoat™ provides a digitally accessible portal for longitudinal patient data acquisition, analysis, visualization and monitoring for clinicians and patients in research, non-acute care, and post-acute care scenarios. Detect relevant events in clinical trials and routine care can be acted on by decreasing patient morbidity and mortality with the potential to reduce the number of ER visits, readmissions and length of readmission by acting earlier.

Sophisticated access controls provide research and clinical dashboards which display data appropriate for each user and protects information that is privileged such as names, health numbers, and other identifying information. Such dashboards enable dynamic data analytics, visualization and monitoring in one place, bypassing the tedious manual tasks of data collection, digitization, and analysis; enabling instant and continuous analytics via a dashboard in real-time. This represents huge cost savings by increasing the speed of reliable collection of data and reducing the needs for trial monitors.


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