Being a Student

Once the summer months are over, students must quickly shift gears and adapt to their new academic year. As the academic timetable progresses and grows more demanding, pressures emerge to improve academic performance, remain engaged with or rely more upon relationships with family, friends, co-workers and/or teachers, and to participate in extracurricular and community activities. These demands can weigh heavy on the shoulders of young men and women and without the knowledge of resources, confidence to speak up, adaptation skills, placing greater stressors on the mental health of students. The general areas of student performance includes:


Academic Performance

Can I maintain the expected GPA to return to school next year?

Will I need to take spring/summer courses and spend less time with my family to graduate on time?

Will my marks reach the standard to get into college or get a job right out of post-secondary?


Social & Community Performance

Am I doing enough to give back to the community?

Are my parents proud of me?

Am I going to have status on campus this year?


How can MyndPath™ help me?

MyndPath™ is built to provide students (ages 13+) with personal awareness and techniques to navigate these pressures, helping keep mental health performance in top condition and in a manageable state to sustain overall performance.



Identify potential symptoms, comprehend what your score means to you and manage your mental health.

Know your limits.


Link yourself to your school’s resources, share your results with a companion and contact professional supports.

 Secure, anonymous, confidential.


Prevent further physical, psychological and/or emotional harm by bettering yourself

Increase your performance.


Be the leader of your health.