Comprehensive Mental Wellness System


Comprehensive Technology


Validated Approaches

Institutional Analytics


Aggregate anonymous mental health data across your organization

· Get a pulse on organizational mental health

· Accumulate data via the MyndPath™ app, for individual use

· Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia and others


Analyze and filter mental data easily, rapidly and flexibly

· No need to be a data scientist or have a team of analysts

· On-the-fly simple, yet powerful analytics and presentations

· Drill-down and roll-up data any way you need


Analytics-based actions and threshold setting, including automated, anonymous messaging

· See a heat map across time, based on thresholds of scores and changes to scores

· Zero in on areas of challenge and reach out to individuals anonymously and automatically

· Allocate resources efficiently, intelligently and preemptively


A MyndPath digital dashboard will include these valuable capabilities:

  • Advanced, customizable analytics and filtering

  • Advanced, customizable presentation formatting

  • Regulatory compliance

  • All updates

  • All upgrades within subscription term

  • Full training and support

  • Data collection and aggregation from both iOS and Android mobile devices

  • Security

  • Storage

  • Cloud access and distribution

  • Unlimited user access

  • Multiple role-defined user access